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I never experienced it before ... I
Years, it does not pass the days in my life
I was born, and when it stopped! What I was crying in pain What I laughed too stubbornly to life!
We stopped in vain I can not LAUGH .. cliff slopes
Much time has passed it on the slopes! I purposely resistance to these life
I knew it was somewhere in the other half!

I said to myself, patience ... patience!

Can I hide all my burned the temple of the moon was not me in the dark ...
Where are the other half hours it looks like trouble!
Prayer is "My GOD A MIRACLE" I waited. I wish ... I wish you a single wish from stars

I know there was somewhere in the other half. I must have patience to wait in seconds, although my glasses NIGHT!

Yes, I know you from before ... I wished I waited, I know you from you God! Welcome to my life ... my other half lives YOU single MIRACLE in my life welcome!

Light in the depths of my girl my darling! We have always moonlight helped till then you are always by my side. I was all alone in this thorny path I walk arm in arm, go his way now ... the West should not wear any bumps along the barrier, while every U.S. ...

I'm all about the other half lives now you're going to stay in this heart that I'm missing. I'll be in pain. Do not know how to laugh at these eyes to cry or laugh with you see you're ...

Let everyone know that my heart then you just got your ...
I love you so ...
Welcome to my LIFE AGAIN ...
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O Dear ..
I'll write it in the night
Steamy moist eyes the anguish of the night, cracked Kohna book.
Let the stars get jealous of the night wept a month in the north
Removed from dawn until the night I'll write
Noncanonical killed by such lines as ...
Word to pronounce my feeling helpless to
Dead will rise and fall of the morning dazed eyes closing for the night
My words, my death will tremble every possible ...

You could smell the smell of stars in my eyes with a time of
I could not see the eyelashes flickering when opening branches in reverie freckled purple violets
Purposely ignored, I could not touch the doors closed during
Could be a blow to the wind in their hair last night from the shore
While climbing the ladder to the stars at night;
Leakage from the fate of our breath in every street of the night would be a resonance
A look at each step an age of hope that there was a hug ..
We hope to despair, but the wind was in front loop
Hands tied.
Unordered brutally wiped promises by the wind ..
The desperation in our eyes green buds with a trace
Festival in the deferred sentenced me without discrimination.

Night of the 12th appeal to you on every street
Death was the heart of the decision from the fury of my voice and cried a sea
Months of our fate hopeless hatred vomited into the street ..
I'm so clingy to your death
.. Now I'm afraid to embrace death
Yes, a time keeping their hands before they look into your eyes before
I'm afraid to die ..
I am also afraid to live or ..
My bit of desperation, threw the fate of iron in the marina.
The lighthouse is now terrified of water is blind my eyes glaze ta ...

Oh my love is heavy ...
Portrait of breath, bloody wet eyes of my heart
Oh how I miss you knew that a storm in the Sea of relief
ANGEL you know me or my problem .. hearts sprinkled their hair or my face would
He would bend his neck from the angels envy.
Hear the sound of the wind not to blow with melodies and a more contained.
You upset them.
I shed tears so that they would break
In the sound of the night with a baby frailty
Would whisper quietly to six syllables in my heart ..
I love you ..
Two words would fall in love you tear your freckled hands smelling of spring ..
FIND HER on the ROW which would EYES LOST my POETRY.
As if I was you I was you I am.
Still, you did not you just for me I did not
You ...
You were my everything to me. My passion is heavy ..

Did the wind caressed my face
As a warm breeze on my face instead of pain brings joy and my grief a sweet sorrow, too.
I would put the name of this wind
I would not grieve.
Wet hair rain which did ...
Keep my hair from the night of love songs I hear mırıldanış
Never ever touch.
I would shudder to tear my hair dries up and he lost ..
I was with you dollars
Cry ..

You were the clouds.
Did I just fall down I cried ...
When you cry tears the roof were two pieces of my body
One of my lips in my heart .. taa council

You can not rain on my lips damlasınını equipped with a kiss .. kiss from your love It melted in my mouth dried up and I'm afraid he will be weak. I stood just touch .. .. And I would smile ..
I love you ..

Raindrops of my heart you left in the council taa
Divided into a thousand pieces in my heart called home. In every city you love to live.
Would flourish in the shadow of love over a thousand.
I was given the name of every street. Would be heard in every town of breath
continuously from dawn to night in the streets, he would dismantle

I hope now you're longing for the dawn of the problems are removed to ...
And I still love ..

I was recently detected in an April rain, the screaming had to go.
Now in the solitude of the night, a record
Without you the night turns cold when you hit gonk smelling breath council taa all my heart.
I can not cry tears, O
I am afraid
A drop of my age could not hold my hair and eyelashes desperately in love with falling in place ..
Because of that, in the bosom of my tears continuously throughout the night to show I'm pouring my heart taa council.

My heart is familiar with the flood of festivals
How many more times in my hometown love hearts and lives will be drowned in the flood this heart?
Now I'm tired of you not familiar with my love in the morning, dilapidated walls of the night to scratch .. Write to the dark prophecies of the night with a book.

Do not cry my tears .. O
Patience .. the time of the night time shot of my future discrimination without me ...
With moist eyes of the stars that the time will come down to my shoulders ..
I'll whisper in my heart from yearning sorrow, drunk from the heart of six syllables ..
I will call out to my love of death postponed ..
Come my love
Yes, one night one night ... ..
maybe dead maybe alive .. Staggered to his feet to fall ..
He remained at the mercy of the Grim Reaper ..
Ta I'll whisper in your heart to the council to spell that damn 6 ..

I love you


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  • my name same Park Gi Mi in korea :D
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you are very talented nisru unni
you wrote nearly epic ::)

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Do I write epic novels, I write you, I decided I could not write poetry. came out something like this.
Story, meanwhile, played 32 years in a Man is an actor, I learned of the suicide. Korea in the last one year, the event that the third suicide among artists. I wonder what the reason for this? competition? Do you desire? Does unhappiness?

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  • my name same Park Gi Mi in korea :D
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maybe but this is horrible :'(

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Welcome to my heart.. There are luckily..
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I waited several days of rain, the sound tends to get my window of my nights, I get hit. Fed into the moonlight was silent longing of the sea, then there a bunch of dry leaves blown by the wind stopped. If a temple is in between the last simitçi children fell silent. Prepared to face his day in prime neighborhoods like the naughty children posthaste. Do not look at them that you are hurrying us to the icy waters of the well takes courage to face. Martin placed the orphans in the morning was silent, but the kitchen shutters. Played marbles in the narrow streets that a few small bodies. I think that the street lamps at night under the lights. Snoring commotion ... Look at this sidewalk also happy cats and dogs suffered a marble rolled gently towards hope. I went out to the grocery store when I passed in front of the coffee. Was a greeting between my ears, a dark side called chats burned. It seems to me but maybe not tolerate waiting in stopped his tea spoons. Where were you before?

You're the reason for this silence. Why did you come so late to put in my heart. I'm torn look at me, I was a little upset in the wind. I could not manage my dreams, happiness in a romance novel, albeit at the last moment as an apprentice carpenter who could not catch. I could not find happiness breathed into each piece of wood.

Why did not you come earlier to this port! I got everything ready and waiting for days to come. I think I've played games to spend their time. Threw stones into the sea, threw cigarette butt, I threw my longing, tears, threw my aunt was a guest of a second home ... I'm considered one of the council bench. He sat quietly beside me. Strange little embarrassed ... I'm somewhat timid at first, I marvel again saw the tired faces. I could not dare to open word. I stammered, embarrassed. He lost his wife three months ago. This is where they had met for the first time. After school, this does not hurt the loved ones who had broken. "It was 63 years," said a trembling voice. "Inside we have created in our 63 years of love," he said. Now we live in love and she died three months ago that she loves both. "I think loneliness is an empty and a moment now to come and watch us too when we drop our guard, we captured him," I said. How could such a sentence long, but very sure I do not know at that moment I had assumed an air of saying them. We watched the sun set in silence for a while. I love this side of the sun is already up. Now, the air begins to cool. After the broken body of our revenue is a chill place to say goodbye when he left he looked at me he thinks we have reduced moisture eyes. Did not oppose a strange thing, my eyes could not miss. Who knows what memories to hold her eyes at that moment, who knows what was stuck to the picture. "I'm not alone," he said suddenly. "Loneliness, is fear for the future. Sunset that night sad and melancholy to connect. You'll never ever dawn darkness as if life is dragging. These days we all know the future of life as we live. Already an important one, to know if in the sun never sets Everybody? "He said. After that the wind was expected of our hair now white-ruled. After a shivering, tremor, a loaded farewell to intimacy, the hearts of mind of driving to the lips, peace ...

I now understand better. If you come when it comes too late for me always counted. I would remember every touch of my lips in the past keşkelerle. I would certainly come glad, very glad I was going to install the system without going for each passing day that my worthless. Never over, unless you know the best despite all odds, despite all the nights full of rebellion in the bud still said to heart. In fact that is important sun never know if you sink. A history of happiness in the future aside. I was a little late to say this, but what really matters at Welcome to the dear.

Favorite welcome.

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My dear
I mean life is dear. Sometimes you got to breath. We find the opposite was with regret at some time. Love never can be like anyone else. Lover's love is more than anyone else. Everyone will leave, will remain forever dear well. Everyone is ordered, beloved console. Dear I love you more than anything.
Do you know what is love? Breath is cut off, take my life away a ... Yours ....
If the end of the road, if Cliff .... Back ..... The first step is mine.! means.

My love, my life ... Jinmoo
Waiting ...... Turkish Women ............

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  • Hi all, I'm new here!
Re: HAPPY BIRTDAY JJM, I LOVE YOU =) - by nisru, from Istanbul, Turkey
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you really love him.  :D  you should go to korea to meet him because here is very unlikely that he'll read what youve wroted

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Re: HAPPY BIRTDAY JJM, I LOVE YOU =) - by nisru, from Istanbul, Turkey
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yes I already want to go to Korea. arrange to meet with him at all. to meet and talk face to face with him I'll do anything.


Joo Jin Mo's 37th Birthday
Joo Jin Mo's 37th Birthday