Author Topic: [Garden Collection] Moo Jeak Ja/A Better Tomorrow - Postcards from Showcase  (Read 1841 times)

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Dear ALL,

The following Moo Jeak Ja/A Better Tomorrow Postcard was from 08/30/2010 Showcase/Night With Fans. 

Here I want to say a special thank you to Ms. Park from JooAhMo who kindly invited SK to the showcase.   

Hope you like to see all these.


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Dear LJJM, thanks for sharing soooo much postcards! Love them!
Also many thanks to Sk :)

I think these cards' hand feel are good.
Their surfaces are not bright &smooth,but a little bit rough,right? I Love that feeling :D

3rd.pic  ;D with his white signature~~Looks cool~~


Joo Jin Mo's 37th Birthday
Joo Jin Mo's 37th Birthday