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This is a really fantastic interview piece translated by a www.soompi.com forum member whose user name is chungy.  I wish we can get her on board here but she is not active on soompi anymore and I am not the kind of person who would private message anyone. The date of the post is 03/04/2009 and and the interview was done sometime after JJM won the award for best actor at the 45th Baeksang Arts awards>>> http://www.dramabeans.com/2009/02/45th-baeksang-arts-awards/

Lots of articles for you...it's a four part article...title: "Drunken Talk"JJM met with one reporter a few days after winning Best Actor award...they shared a meal and had some drinks...

1. "After getting the award, my mother even cried."

JJM: My parents were more proud when I won the Best Actor, even prouder than the time I shot my first CF and brought home money. The tears my mom was holding back started to fall.

R: You didn't even know you were going to win?

JJM: Yeah I didn't know. If I did, I would have prepared a better acceptance speech. While I was accepting the award, the floor director behind the main camera kept waving his hand telling me there was no time. So I made something quick, slurred a few words and left the stage. Even when I watch it know, it's really akward.

JJM said that when he was a model, he came to the BaekSang awards to cheer on Lee Jung Jae when he was nominated. He sat in the audience and said "One day I will shine that stage". It took him 10 years to make that promise come true.

R: Did you take to the Frozen Flower people?

JJM: Director Yoo was the first to congradulate me. Song Ji Hyo sent me a text message. Jo In Sung called me when my phone was off and called again in the early morning. "Hyung, this is so good! But I feel sorry for the team that only you won."

R: You guys are a few of the top male actors, is there competition?

JJM: If I said there wasn't, I would be lying. Even while promoting the movie, there were sometimes when we were sensitive to each others comments. I asked him once "Did you say this about me?" Jo In Sung ask back "Did you say this about me?" There was tension but we didn't let it bother us. For several months we pretty much lived togehter, and because of a few twisted words (by the reports), we didn't want to break our trust with each other.

R: During your debut, they called you "Joo Min Soo" (Taken from charismatic actor Choi Min Soo). When you see false reports about you, how do you feel?

JJM: Before I would think alot about them, but now I try to see only the surface of it. I tried to think "oh that's another way people see me". I think I'm at an age to not be so serious about it.

R: When did you personality/temper become so "gravel like"? (Um...I don't know what the report was trying to get at.)

JJM: You are going to have to ask my 3rd personlity that. haha. Probably when I filmed "200lbs Beauty". During my debut, because of my temper being so short I got the nickname "Joo Min Soo". In this industry, if you don't have popularity you don't get too respected by your juniors. Before alot of my juniors called me "Jin Mo ssiii" and I would get upset. But now I matured. Thanks to those people, I became calmer.

R: Did Jang Dong Gun or Kim Seung Woo buy you drinks after winning?

JJM: The other day, I went to Kim Seung Woo's musical with Jang Dong Gun. Since it's been a while since all of us met, we drank till the early morning. For 10 years, Jang Dong Gun and me are like brothers, so he congratulated me alot. However, Jang Dong Gun was upset how "Goo Joon Pyo" (referring to Lee Min Ho's F4 character) falling on the red carpet was more of an issue than my win. hahha.

On the first of March, the Playboys baseball team played and won their first game of the season. JJM was the final pitcher for the game and maybe because the day before he drank alot, he didn't pitch to well. However "At bat, I was on fire. Of four chances at bat, I had three hits!"

R: Kim Ah-Joong, Park Shi Yeon, Lee Yo Won, Lee Bo Young. These actresses you've acted with, are you not friends with them?

JJM: I don't even know their cell phone numbers. If they ask for mine, I'd give it to them. But I'd never ask first. I'll get embarrassed if I get rejected.

This day JJM talked about his first CF (an energy drink). The quote "one more game?" was very famous back then. JJM was supposed to only be an extra but "I was only supposed to play basketball in the commercial, but the director saw me. The original star of the commercial made too many mistakes that the director gave me a chance. I think I have some luck."

JJM used to work at a theatre. He used to hand out pamphlets and open curtains.

R: Are you still hungry (not food wise, but you know....for more work/fame)?
JJM: Of course. You can't work too easy because you won't get a good outcome. In Frozen Flower, for one line, I had to practice hundreds of times. Director Yoo said to forget everything I learned in acting. For me, this movie helped me format myself.

2. "Fishing and baseball are my life's pleasures"

R: When was your life's most unstable time?

JJM: When I was about to turn 30. When I was in my 20s, I like it when people called me a good looking actor. However, now I don't like it. There are many of my juniors who are really good looking and rising. I wanted to get out of that image. After filming "Wanee and Junha" I even thought of retiring. There were many failed projects, and I ended up having a slump for 2 years.

R: Do you have any films where you've played a funny gangster?

JJM: I have gotten alot of requests to play that character but I have no confidence. I know myself pretty well, and I don't have alot of wit and I don't have interesting things to say. After rejecting some film scripts for that character, I stopped getting them.

R: Did you save a lot of money?

JJM: What's interesting is that I made alot of money, but I don't have alot in my account. hahah. Two years ago I invested in a Chinese Fund but lost it all. It's probably at minus 70% now. In May I have to pay my taxes, but I don't know if I can. Right now I'm renting a place. My dream is to have a quiet place with a garden.

R: Do you think filming CFs embarassing?

JJM: Alot of foregin stars think is embarassing...but I've done commercials for tires and drinks. I want to do banks and CFs for buildings.

R: What do you think are your positive and negative qualities?

JJM: Because I'm simple, I'm straight forward. Also, I cannot stand rude people. I can't stand movie investors who treat actresses badly. Even though the actresses are young, movie investors shouldn't treat them like that. Once, there was one guy (he said rascal) that got me so mad I splashed water in his face. And because of that I didn't get casted. I lost alot of good opportunities, but if I were to do that again I would. My blood type is O and we don't have grudges.

R: What are your life's delights?

JJM: Fishing and baseball. For these things, I am not picky with my money. If I see a good fishing rod, even if I have to give solid gold I have to buy it. For baseball, I like nice equipment. I once ordered a glove that perfectly fit my hand, it was so rare that even pro-baseball players were awed. If I feel good, I could throw up to 120km/h. While filming Frozen Flower, I am a little slower. But once I pitched no hits and no runs, I was that good!

R: Why do you play baseball?

JJM: It's more interesting than staying at home. When you are on the offensive or defensive side, you learn about responsibility. When you play a game you get excited. But for most, you loosen the tension in your shoulder. When people play with us (the Playboys - actors), people think we're different. But after a game, we clean the field. We pick up cigarette buds near the dug out.."

[edit]There are translations on the net of what Joo Jin Mo said about his bed scene with Jo In Sung and about Zhang Ziyi during filming of Musa  on Golden Fishery. I am assuming you butterflies know already.  :)  Also, I posted this interview under this topic because it gives some background information to understand the Golden Fishery interview better.
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Dear KDF,

Thank you so much for sharing.  Appreciate so much the kind effort of chungy at soompi forum.  I'll try to contact her - I can be that 'private messaging' person, :)

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Re: A Really Fantastic Interview - Joo Jin Mo After 45th Baeksang Arts Awards
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This is a fantastic interview, indeed! I admire the people who can say the truth about themselves! After I have red a few of Joo Jin Mo's interviews I think he is a rare kind of man! Also I find his acting skills great! His acting in the penultimate episode of Fashion 70's I think it's magnificent!

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Re: A Really Fantastic Interview - Joo Jin Mo After 45th Baeksang Arts Awards
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Good to see you here.  Welcome to the Garden!  Please feel free to click around and let us know if you need any help.

I love all of Jin Mo's interviews - though these, I see a real Jin Mo and the more I know about him, the closer I feel to him.

BTW, if you want to read his latest interview, you should check out Jin Mo's recent Taxi Show in English by NaughtyJoy (under Jin Mo's 36th birthday board).

Please excuse me for answering late (I need to have 5 songs from J-World uploaded again).  I'll have you updated as soon as I have it done.

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Re: A Really Fantastic Interview - Joo Jin Mo After 45th Baeksang Arts Awards
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vaww this is very interesting interview thanks a lot friend


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